January 16, 2020

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Almost the real deal!


I purchased the Experts' Global 15 mock tests and these were the only mock tests I used.
For reference: I consistently scored between 700-720 in 7 of these mock tests. Scored 690 & 710 in my 2 official mock tests. Finally got a 690 in my actual GMAT. The +- 30 buffer is common for every mock test out there.
The analytics after every test is just brilliant. It helps you keep track of the areas you're missing/ taking more time in.
For ex: I always thought I was good at geometry in Quant. But based on my mocks, I consistently made mistakes in that topic!
One more thing that I'd like to highlight is the 'GMAT Shots' that come with the 15 mock tests purchase. They are short concept videos for all sections and are pretty good for concept revision.

On a whole I would rate it 9/10! Great purchase!

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