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The test center is located centrally in Drammen, and is easy to find and close to the train station. The staff is very friendly, and the center itself is modern. However, there were some major drawbacks:

1) The center did not provide ear plugs, although they promised in advance that they would. I had to wear big, heavy, and uncomfortable headphones instead.

2) The writing pad is very different from the one I bought from MGMAT (which, I suppose, should be a very exact copy of the pad most centers have) The squares on the pad are very large, so it is virtually impossible to do all the quant questions with one pad. One also has to write way bigger than what one is used to.

3) The test administrator is not in the same room as the test takers, but watches the room on a camera. When you need a new booklet, you have to wave at the camera, and it will take a while for her to get there. There is also no way of knowing if she has seen you before she arrives a couple of minutes later. Maybe a minor thing, but it wastes time, and distracts you during the test.

4) The keyboards are in Norwegian format. To use special signs, like " - : : ? etc. one has to know touch on an English keyboard, as the keys are different and unmarked.

5) There is only one toilet for eight test takers. You do not want to end up standing in a line during your pause!

6) All in all, the security and quality seems way poorer than what I expected, having seen the movies of the GMAT test centers online.

The temperature in the room is fine, and the room is quiet. The staff, as mentioned are very helpful.

To conclude, had I had any other choice, I would go elsewhere. Only problem is that it is the only GMAT test center in Norway. If you are traveling, and can go elsewhere, I would recommend doing so.

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