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Apt center to give the exam if giving it in New Delhi


I gave my GMAT in July, ’15 and this was second attempt at GMAT, both at the same centre. There a few points about the centre –


1. The centre is handled by Pearsons itself and thus the quality of services is good. The staff is very polite and has good knowledge of the processes involved such as identification etc.

2. It is easily accessible via public transport. Sometimes there is traffic as the centre is located in busy community centre, so if the exam is in the afternoon slot, keeping some buffer time would be a good idea.

3. The noise level inside the centre is very low. Apart from occasional horns (that too not very loud) the place is free from external disturbances. There is no disturbance due to external noises. They also provide ear plugs.

4. The lobby is big enough to walk around and relax yourself during breaks. The washroom is clean and well maintained.

5. The environment inside the test room is nice to get your concentration right and your brain running with proper lighting and comfortable AC temperature.

6. Computer screen is large enough to focus, and the keyboard and mouse are new and comfortable to work with


1. The centre has about 10 seats per slot. This can cause a little bit of a disturbance if you are among the first 1-2 to be seated because by the time the last test taker is seated you have already started the exam this cause some disturbance. Also during the breaks many test takers come out simultaneously. This by itself is not the problem, but when compared to only one restroom in the facility, it becomes a straight negative. I had to wait for my turn in the first break, and thus got a bit late and lost 2.5 minutes in my quant section.

2. Parking is very difficult to find. It’s a community centre and all the parking is taken up by commercial vehicles. If you can do take a cab, auto or metro. Though if you want to come by car, you can find parking at the metro station nearby (I think its Green Park metro station)

Overall my experience with the centre was between good, if not excellent (Got late due to waiting to go to restroom).

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