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Had taken up GMAT long back in December 2014 at this centre in Koramangala near the 5th Block. My exam timings were from 9am to 1pm and I had chosen this timing as I was comfortable with the same. When I reached the centre at 8:00 am there was no one !! not the instructors, no office boys. I didn't understand why did they call us so early if there was just to be sitting blank. finally the watchman of the building - a boy - opened the centre and allowed me and another test-taker to sit inside. He also said that the supervisor would reach in some time and to wait, but to our demise! The supervisor never turned up and kept 3 of us test takers anxious , waiting and perplexed. Finally guess what, the watchman himself booted the systems and set up the iris scan etc. where he ultimately got stuck somewhere and then couldn't fix the issue. it was already 9:30-10 by this time, already crossed the actual time of the exam. we just kept waiting and building up our anxiety. Finally the supervisor came from nowhere with his still sleepy eyes, and started doing something. Every time we asked him something, he appeared rude and asked us to wait a while. finally around 11:30 he sorted the issue and asked us to get inside the centre. Traumatic it was. After this experience I humbly recommend only Pearson run centre.

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