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Pearson VUE New Delhi(Yusuf Sarai)


I have taken the GMAT once at Pearson VUE Yusuf Sarai Center - New Delhi.

- The staff will allow you inside the center only 30 mins before the exam. So, don't reach the center too early . You will probably be exhausted waiting outside or sitting on the staircase. There are frequent traffic jams in the route to the test center.
- No parking space - Finding a parking spot will be a challenge
- Nearby metro station - Green Park Metro Station
- The exam center is on 4th floor .
-The testing room has around 15 computers, each separated in a cubicle. I was given headphones / noise cancellation devices / 2 markers and 1 scratch pad.
-Staff is generally polite. After the AWA and IR, i had a few pages left in my scratchpad. I was given the fresh Scratchpad after the first one was fully completed.
-There is one restroom that is nearby. It is clean and tidy.
- All you need to take with you is your Passport. They will provide you the locker by you must ensure that you keep your mobile phone switched off.
- In the breaks, i was unsure of the time elapsed and the proctors refused to tell me. One of them told me that we should keep a note of time and was rude. I was able to reach my seat n just 4 mins and I has 4 mins remaining. When I asked them not to start the test for another 4 mins, they refused and said you are not allowed to sit idle inside the test room. They started my test in just 4 mins.
- AC was functional and cooling was optimal.
- There was lot of noise during the AWA. Noise insulation in the room could have been better.
- Headphones are provided at the desks. One can also ask for ear plugs.
- This is the best GMAT center in Delhi.
.Also, most of the dates in this center were unavailable a month or two before . I believe, this center conducts a lot of other exams apart from the GMAT. The best way to get a date in this exam center is to book your exam 7-10 days before you want to give the exam. Usually people tend to cancel or postpone their exam when the date is approaching. This helped me get the suitable date and timings.

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