April 15, 2017

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test center review


The mumbai test centre is easy to find and close to the churchgate station. The staff is polite and that is always a good thing. The internal temperature was neither too cold nor too hot (for a change !) . The only thing you need to take care of is to double check the pens since a few of them are dried up and can stop abruptly midway through the test.
. The staff is courteous, and the place is not very difficult to find. The exam center is very quiet. During the exam, I experienced no issues and everything went flawlessly. No outside noise, very peaceful place, nice restroom facilities to freshen up. Good locker facilities
The scratch pads are a bit worn out but the staff makes up for it by not expecting you to erase anything.They simply provide you a new one each time you finish one. I would definitely recommend this testing centre .
They have a water cooler so you might not want to carry a bottle.
You can carry a pull over inside the testing area.
Around 13 people can give the exam simultaneously

October 05, 2017

Any review of GMAT Test Center - Hinduja College of Commerce, Mumbai.
Suggestions will be appreciated as there are hardly afternoon slots in the Pearson Andheri, Mumbai Center left for early Dec 2017.

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