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agile technologies review


Firstly, although the place is well listed on google maps and tagged everywhere, finding the entry point to the building is a task. The center is on the 4th floor of the building and the list is operational only till the 3rd.

Moving on, once you enter the test center, it is quite well maintained and the staff is cordial and well behaved. I had an issue with the worksheets they provide and in-spite of keeping my hand raised for several seconds the worksheet was not changed and i had to literally barge out and collect the worksheets myself.
Further more, in the IR section the link failed. All the candidates were then escorted outside and the entire system had to be rebooted again.The facilitator did however award us a couple of minutes for it, but the damage was already done.
This definitely led to the decline in the score of IR section and was a bad experience throughout. I would highly recommend the test takers to be careful while booking this center.

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