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Consultant: Alex Leventhal

When I initially decided to apply to business school, I was determined to navigate the process without a consultant, having little understanding of what a third party could add to my personal application and story. After discussing with a number of friends who had recently been accepted to my target schools, however, I was convinced otherwise. My most trusted friends said they had done their research, talked to a number of firms, and ultimately decided to work with Alex Leventhal. Each had been accepted to their top choice, and highly recommended his services.

From my research on and initial consultation, Alex created a very personalized process, making sure he got to know me well before ever suggesting how to craft my story. He takes the time to understand your background, passions and goals. Coming from a finance background and having made no decision on what I ultimately want to do, Alex pushed me to reach into my background and experiences to come up with a more unique story and focused career path. Without his guidance, I would have been much more generic in my answers, and probably blended right into the massive pile of applications.

I did the two school package, and was accepted at my top choice, Stanford. Alex’s knowledge and understanding of what the top schools are looking for and advice on tailoring your application were essential. His help in preparing for the interview process was also an extremely useful tool – helping me bring more excitement and confidence into my answers.

With Alex, you know what you’re getting. He’s a Harvard MBA so he understands the process from first-hand experience. He is also a one man “firm” who is focused on achieving the best outcome for his clients, so you know you won’t get passed off to a junior staff member. He’s always available, and most importantly, will give you his honest opinion. I would and have recommended Alex’s services highly to many of my friends.

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