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This review is for: Prep MBA Hourly Consulting
Consultant: Alex Leventhal

I contacted Alex after working with another admission consultant and receiving my first ding in R1. I was disheartened and was looking at someone to provide a fresh perspective on my profile. I called a number of admissions consultants, however was reluctant to accept any. That changed with Alex. Soon after our call I knew that he can help me and said Yes! He does not have a group of consultants working under him, but works individually with each client. I could tell that he was passionate about his service and honest in his assessment. I handed over a very difficult task to him – to help an Indian IT engineer, arguably the most over-represented applicant pool, with silver work experience (not golden) land a ticket in one of the top-MBAs in R2 admissions.

As I had limited time, I took hourly packages with Alex. However, he ended up becoming my mentor helping me in every stage of application process – school selection, profile assessment, essay ideas and edits, resume review, wait-list help, and most importantly interview prep.
His essay brainstorming and editing style is unique. End results of my essays, unlike my previous essays, were true, candid and confident reflection. They were well structured and much more engaging than my previous essays. His turnaround time surprised me! He was super flexible within my strict time-frames, and sometimes returned the edits on the same day. However, one area where I think I benefited the most was interview prep. He changed my presentation style from sounding like a robot to presenting like a confident and genuine professional. I could see a huge difference between my first R1 interview and my following two R2 interviews. I’m sure his interview advice is going help me throughout my career. I applied to 3 schools with him and got into 2, including one of my top choices – Michigan Ross.

I would highly recommend Alex Leventhal . No wonder he has been featured in Poets&Quants as one of the top-10 MBA consultants. While his Harvard MBA is definitely a good enough credential, his philosophy undergrad, I think, also helps him connect with his clients on a deeper level. He is an amazing advisor with whom I look forward to staying in touch.

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