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May 03 | 2012
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Yes - school of my dreams

This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Lainie Cogan

I worked with Aringo for Round 2 for 2012 intake. I got admitted to INSEAD and waitlisted by Wharton and Stanford.
General review for Aringo:
Aringo is very structured. I had my main consultant to work with me for my essays and had a specialist to run a test drive for INSEAD. Also, they have a round table discussion on my career goal essay to help me to validate the details as it is not a typical post-MBA career goal.
One thing I especially like Aringo is that they are very flexible and respect my choices. Unlike other consulting companies I contacted, who tried very hard to convince me to sign up or even only offered the full school package, Aringo allowed me to sign up for 3, 7 or 10 hours package to have some experience first before deciding on further investment. I think it is great.
Comments on my consultant:
My consultant Lainie is a very experienced consultant, she knows what the questions are really asking for and she is very professional and effective with essay editing as well. She finished editing all my INSEAD essays for 4-5 rounds within 15 work hours and additional 3 to 5 hours for subsequent schools. The total cost for three schools was even less than the comprehensive package for 1 school.
In addition, she was very responsive to my emails and she usually replied within 24 hours. If she needed more time on editing my essays, she would tell me the expected date of retuning my essays. The maximum I waited was 3 working days. This way also helped me to plan my own time for other essays as well.
My personal view of selecting MBA consultant is that: I am still taking the main responsibility for my essays and my consultant is there to help me with the grammars, structures and make sure I answer to the question. My consultant Lainie never wrote a single sentence for me. When she found my sentences or expressions were not appropriate, she asked me questions to clarify. I used to write long sentences and explain simple thing in a complicated way. When Lainie helped me to reduce the words, she used my own words and structure to summarize. Besides, when she found me did not reflect enough or did not answer to the question, she asked me questions that inspired me to think more. She NEVER wrote any learning or reflections based on my stories. I believe it is very important to keep my own voice, my own view and my own style.
I had a great fun working with Lainie and also improved my essay writing skills as well.

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