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This review is for: mbaMission Hourly Services
Consultant: Angela Guido

When I started my application process, I found it very overwhelming. This was partly because I was taking the GMAT at the same time as I was completing my application. I realized very quickly that I needed a plan to apply to my 5 schools and put my best foot forward.

I learned about mbaMission through my GMAT prep course (Manhattan GMAT) and had a discount to take the essay writing bootcamp with Angela. In the bootcamp, Angela helped me think about all of my experiences, personal and professional, and how they may fit the different essays. The brainstorming exercise alone was one I hadn't gone through or thought of, taking the time to take stock of EVERYTHING, big/small, significant or insignificant. She helped me really understand what adcoms were looking for with each essay they were asking as well. I started to really understand how to map each story for each essay, and understand what the essays were really asking, therefore what I really wanted to tell them.

Part of the bootcamp was writing a first draft to one essay and getting a chance for her to read it and provide feedback. It was in that phone call that I realized I wanted Angela to read and critique all my essays. As an objective third party, specializing in helping people get into b-school, she was able to ask me questions that forced me to dig deeper into what I was trying to convey, and tell me when I sounded arrogant (it's easy to do when you're talking about yourself!), or when I was telling versus showing (the hardest thing to do).

You may be reading this review and say to yourself, "yes, I see the value, but it's a lot of money." I thought the same thing, but then looked at the total cost of the next two years and where I wanted to go. I knew I was committing to $100K+ over the next two years and I only wanted to go to a top 10 school, so I knew the competition would be really strong. I decided spending the money upfront to get into the best program where I'd be happy was a small price in the grand scheme of business school.

Another note on cost, I feel I actually got a return on my investment. After getting into the school I wanted, I decided to put my hat in the ring for a scholarship. While I didn't use Angela for this essay, I took the principles I learned from her, show vs. tell, to write my scholarship essay. I ended up getting it! Almost a full year of my program is now paid for!

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