December 12, 2013

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If I had to go through the application process on my own, I have no doubt that the result would not have been as good – admission to INSEAD! Even though English is my native language, the first drafts of my essays were not even close to the goal.

Lainie accompanied me throughout the entire process, from school selection, through thinking on the essay topics and search of interesting stories to write about, eliminating irrelevant topics, rephrasing and rephrasing again. I wanted to work all the time and constantly improve my essays, and Lainie was always ready to help and meet my perfectionist needs, and sometimes tell me when the changes I've been working on for hours are worthless…

At the end of the process, I feel that the essays I submitted, even for the school that didn't accept me, reflected who I am at the best possible way. The process was long and hard, but at the end I reached my goal and also earned a lesson in writing essays and resumes, a lesson I will definitely use in the future.

Ever since I first contacted Aringo, the entire Aringo team supported me and made me feel they really care about me and my success. The put me in touch with the right people when I had questions, helped me get feedback from alumni of the schools I applied to, and helped my get prepared for my interviews.

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