February 10, 2014

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Product ARINGO Hourly Services

Consultant Joy Pincus

Before I first contacted Aringo, I got a warm recommendation on Joy, but when I asked to work with her I was told she was too busy at the time, and would not take on another client in order to keep her high level of quality and commitment. I had to wait a little while for her to be available to work with me. Today, after Joy and Aringo helped me get accepted to all 4 schools I applied to – UCLA, Berkeley, Ross, Duke – and 3 of them with a scholarship, I'm also happy that I waited for Joy.
I want to thank Joy for her exceptional professionalism, availability, flexibility and sensitivity she displayed while working with me. After submitting the final application I thanked her personally for our joined work since I felt that regardless of the results, she helped me put everything I got into this process.
I would also like to thank the lovely Karin who accompanied me throughout the process, listed to me and always gave the right advice at the right time.
Thank you so much Aringo! Keep on helping candidates getting admitted to the top programs!

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