October 03, 2014

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Admitted to Booth and Kellogg Part Time


I was admitted to the part time programs at Booth and Kellogg. My GMAT was 80 percentile, so I knew that the qualitative components of the application would need to be top notch.

I did a FREE 30 minute consultation with Angela Guido. I specifically chose her because she is a Booth alum and is very familiar with the Chicago MBA landscape. She also had great reviews and a reputation for story telling. After going through the application process, I now believe that story telling is the #1 most important aspect of a successful MBA application. A quality story and personal brand can absolutely compensate for weaknesses in other areas of your application...and this is something that you have 100% control over.

General Experience:

I was surprised by the amount of ground we covered in 30 minutes and the high quality feedback that Angela provided in such a short time. I had three pages of useful notes by the end of the call. This wasn't a session to upsell me on services, this was quality conversation for 30 minutes straight and I felt that Angela genuinely wanted to help me.

Angela knows her stuff and was immediately able to identify areas of concern in my overall application package. She was super easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable despite the fact that I was exposing myself for constructive feedback.

I feel like I was set on the right path and was given useful feedback to use immediately. I'm confident that she could add extensive high quality feedback through a regular consultation package after seeing what she can do in 30 minutes.

Immediate Value Gained:

The most valuable feedback I got was on my resume. Moving from showing responsibilities to showing impacts and how to do this. This was sort of a wake up call for me overall and translated into viewing the components of my overall application in a completely different way.

Angela also gave me a lot of feedback on areas of my experience to highlight that would resonate with the adcoms of both schools.

I felt like it was a great use of 30 minutes because I was able to takeaway very specific pieces of feedback and was able to apply general feedback to the overall application.

I would recommend Angela to anyone going through the MBA application process.

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