December 09, 2014

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Summing up the whole process, I feel it played out in the best possible way - quick, without deliberations, and with acceptance to the school that fits me most and that after cleaning the "noise" from ratings and outside influence, is also the school I truly most wanted. I am very very happy to be starting at Columbia in the summer.
I'll take the opportunity to thank you again. It really was a pleasure working with you on the application. I feel that instead of going through a grueling process, it was actually a pleasant experience through which I learned a lot, improved myself and focused on my future - and this is much in thanks to you. You really helped me to tell my story and focus my own aspirations in a way that brought me to the best possible place for me, and will have a positive influence on my life beyond the MBA.
When I began talking with my brother about preparing for the application process, he didn't hesitate for even a second when he recommended I work with you. I promise to give the same whole-hearted recommendation to anyone who asks me about the best way to prepare an MBA application.

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