February 07, 2016

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Debbie was a fabulous consultant during my b school application process. The most valuable part of our time together was the brainstorming process. After reading through my brainstorming doc, we got on the phone so that she could ask me probing questions about some of my responses and help me think through which experiences were most formative and important to include in my applications. She has great insider’s knowledge of how admissions committees will evaluate applicants, which meant she was able to tell me directly, “Yes, experience X will resonate with adcoms, but experience Y seems less interesting and/or relevant.” That firm guidance was incredibly valuable—she wasn’t afraid to tell it to me straight. Although our brainstorming call was pretty short (more on that below), I came out feeling like I had a good plan of attack for my essays. The next time she and I spoke, we went over my short and long-term goals after business school. She helped me craft a compelling and ambitious vision that explained how an MBA degree would help me achieve my long-term career aspirations.

One big consideration for me when signing up for mbaMission was cost. I work in the social sector, and hiring a consultant was a big investment. I knew I couldn’t do a “start-to-finish” package because it was simply out of my budget. I was a little wary about whether the hourly consulting services would be a value-add, but Debbie did a fabulous job at providing high value in the short amount of time that I could afford.

Debbie also had an extremely positive attitude throughout, which made a huge difference for me while navigating the stressful application process. Her support was invaluable to helping me get into two of my top choice programs. Thanks a million, Debbie!

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