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January 10 | 2017
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This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Danielle Ulner

I chose Aringo because of its strong track record of students going to INSEAD and its unique selling point of helping applicants with a GMAT score of lower than 720 (me).

I used the CV refining service and spent a total of USD600 for what was about 6 hours worth of work. The main takeaways for me were:
- Formatting of the CV to INSEAD's requirements
- Helping me to highlight specific experiences which admissions would be interested in
- Helping to quantify successes and unique achievements

However, as I did not think that the services were worth the final output, I did not continue with the essay review package. That said, I felt that they were very professional in their services and were very responsive to enquiries, which I appreciated.

Eventually, I opted to work a platform with alumni who offer their essay-reviewing services and where you donate the fee to charity. I would highly recommend applicants to get an alumnus or two to review your essays before submitting them.

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Created by NailedtheGMAT

February 23, 2017

Had a similar experience with Aringo ( 2 full school packages). Very prompt and professional, indeed.

I agree the final outputs are not worth the fee but most importantly, the value-add of the services (what they initially promise and what it is at the time of the delivery), given the price tag, is dubious. I will be posting a very detailed review separately.
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