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January 10, 2017

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Helpful if you are clueless


I chose Aringo because of its strong track record of students going to INSEAD and its unique selling point of helping applicants with a GMAT score of lower than 720 (me).

I used the CV refining service and spent a total of USD600 for what was about 6 hours worth of work. The main takeaways for me were:
- Formatting of the CV to INSEAD's requirements
- Helping me to highlight specific experiences which admissions would be interested in
- Helping to quantify successes and unique achievements

However, as I did not think that the services were worth the final output, I did not continue with the essay review package. That said, I felt that they were very professional in their services and were very responsive to enquiries, which I appreciated.

Eventually, I opted to work a platform with alumni who offer their essay-reviewing services and where you donate the fee to charity. I would highly recommend applicants to get an alumnus or two to review your essays before submitting them.

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February 23, 2017

Had a similar experience with Aringo ( 2 full school packages). Very prompt and professional, indeed.

I agree the final outputs are not worth the fee but most importantly, the value-add of the services (what they initially promise and what it is at the time of the delivery), given the price tag, is dubious. I will be posting a very detailed review separately.

December 25, 2016

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Personal and Customized Consulting


Hey all,

I now consider myself lucky being a part of a group of super talented, intelligent, and hard-working Graduates of the INSEAD MBA 15D Class.

For that, I would like to take the time now and say a big THANKS to ARINGO! I couldn’t have been admitted to INSEAD without you!

The path to MBA admission begun with me being at loss about my strengths and weaknesses, future career steps, and which school would be the right one for me. In this respect, ARINGO services proved to be indispensable as they helped me to reflect and focus, so when the call from INSEAD came in, I had no doubts I'm going there!

As to the working process with ARINGO, my consultant, Danielle, has put a lot of effort in my application to INSEAD, and my personal story was reflected in the essays in the best way I could imagine.

One point that is, to my mind, was the most important about Danielle was her commitment. For example, though she was heading to the US for a private vacation towards the application deadline, she’s still polished my essays up until a few hours before her flight. As a customer, the time before the application deadline is the most sensitive one, a time when although the application is 99.9% done, you feel you can’t really settle for less than a 100%.

I can’t think of something more I could have expected from a consultant, and looking back, I was fortunate to have ARINGO by my side.

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