Awesome service and huge help!
February 07 | 2017
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This review is for: ARINGO Hourly Services
Consultant: Tim Potter

I'm very happy that I chose to work with Aringo. Michelle is a pleasure to work with and she's assigned Tim to work with me based on the school I'm applying for. Tim has been a huge help and a critical part of my overall application from the beginning. He's very professional and has a lot of great ideas in order to make my resume/essays stand out. Tim is a very nice person but he also constantly challenges me to think outside the box and to aim higher, which is super important when it comes to resume/essays critiques. We've done rounds and rounds of iterations of my resume/essays and all of this effort has helped make my application much stronger.
He also did a great mock interview with me where he asked insightful questions that's very important to build my confidence and be better prepared.

Last but not least, Tim has always been flexible and accommodating my schedules which makes the entire process even smoother.

Overall, I'm very grateful to have worked with Tim on my application and eventually got accepted to the only school that I've applied for.

Thank you Aringo!!

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