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I really did not want consulting services in my B-School admissions process because the prices seemed unaffordable but, in the midst of a mild freakout, I scheduled a free consultation with nearly every consulting service around because I thought it would at least point in the right direction for doing apps on my own. These consultations ranged from too complimentary to not believing in me at all, but none of them actually gave me time to explain why I wanted to go or why this process made sense for me except for Vantage Point's. I had a phone call with Meredith and she genuinely cared about my path and the pragmatic steps I needed to take to achieve my goals, which impressed me so much that I decided to get hourly services.

After matching with Alicia, my initial worry about money was immediately out the window. The very first call, Alicia set my expectations and assuaged my fears that I was going to be a lower rung client as I had engaged in hourly services. She even gave me her personal phone number to text her with questions. As she walked me through all of the things she would help me out with outside of the five hours I had paid for, it all felt immediately worth it. All the Vantage Point resources Alicia gave me on that first call really directed me into forming a strong narrative, which in retrospect I could not have done without Alicia guiding me. She was incredibly detail-oriented, patient, and kind throughout the whole process. What's more is that she was as much a friend, a confidante, and a valuable resource as an ex-CBS adcom as she was a consultant; she was just as excited about me turning in my apps as I was. For those looking for guidance on whether you should engage in consulting, Vantage Point, and Alicia, my response is a resounding yes!

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