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It is all about the classmates. No other program can offer the variety of IE. Variety here is not only about nationalities, but also about backgrounds. My group mates were from Nigeria, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Russia and Mexico, but they were also a Lawyer, a financial analyst, an investment banker, a cyber security expert and an HR. I was an Italian with a background in operations...

The main strengths of the program are in marketing, entrepreneurship and general management. However, what characterizes it is the presence of a vast majority of soul searchers. I actually did not expect that more than half of my class really had no clue about what to do in the future. Amazingly, after three to six months into the program, people start changing their expectations. Who starts as a serious student, begins to party like an animal, and who initially looked to be a party animal, find her vocation in social impact projects...

To future applicants, I suggest them to craft their own story making a serious effort to enhance what makes them unique. At IE everybody seems to have a truly unique experience. The only aspect in common to everybody, what cannot be waived, is a sincere passion for traveling and discovering new cultures.

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Due to the fast pace of the one year program, it is very difficult to find an internship during the summer period (no time for applications, limited time availability during summer due to courses). This problem is overcome by the possibility to work on startups, create your own, work on social impact projects around the world or on a consulting project.

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