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If you thought that doing an MBA meant being buried under an avalanche of books and running helter skelter trying to finish one assignment after the other, well, you are on the right track. A bit of exercise is good for your heart and soul and the PGPEX program provides you ample opportunity for the same. :) But that is just one of the things you sign up for in this program.

Did you know you could be sitting in a class of participants with an average exp of over 90 months? DId you know you could be speaking to a doctor at one instant and then a fashion designer next? Did you know you could be encouraged by professors to not just learn, but question the very nature in which business conducted itself today? Or that you not only drive the student activities on campus, but have a say in all the major administrative tasks on campus.

IIM Calcutta and PGPEX is all about YOU. YOU are the participant, YOU are the facilitator. YOU do your own learning and YOU get to question everything. A one year course that is diverse yet challenging, with full freedom to YOU to design your learning as you choose. This course gives you the necessary guidelines to help you shape your career in any of your interested tracks - consulting, tech, marketing or management.

As a participant, I can safely vouch for the differentiating experience of this program. Yes, you need to put in your effort to meet the various challenges and curve balls PGPEX throws at you. But if you are willing to face the challenge, the journey is worth it.

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June 25, 2016


Created by gasprengermalik

June 25, 2016

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