May 06, 2015

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I could not be happier with my experience with Admissionado and Anne-Marie. I was coming from an unusual background (TV production) and didn't know how to best package my experience in a way that would make sense to adcoms. I was drawn to Admissionado because of their casual, friendly vibe and was paired with Anne-Marie, who worked in TV development before attending Stern.

I did the Junior Deluxe package for three schools, which felt SO expensive at the time but has really paid off in an unbelievable way. The essay and resume revisions were unbelievably helpful!! Anne-Marie and the editors challenged me quite a bit, and they got me to be very specific about what aspects of my background I was working to emphasize.

I also did interview prep with Anne-Marie because I hadn't had a "real" interview in over five years, since my work is referral-based and generally doesn't require a formal interview before hiring. The feedback Anne-Marie gave me was clear and easy to execute (I talk too fast and ramble when I'm nervous), and I also got a video of my mock interviews so I could understand where the feedback came from.

I applied to five schools, got into three of them (dinged at the fourth and withdrew my application at the fifth), and racked up over $200K in scholarships. I know that wouldn't have been possible without Anne-Marie and the folks at Admissionado! They did a great job pairing me with someone who understood my work experience, and Anne-Marie really helped me translate my experience into MBA speak and challenged my goals and story to make them as strong, specific, and authentic as possible.

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