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April 06 | 2018
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Consultant: Julie Bowman

I had a great experience using Admissionado to help with my essays for one school. I didn't choose my top school, but instead chose the school that had the longest career goals essay so that I could really flesh out my ideas, and then re-work in a shorter form for the other schools' essays.
Julie and I had an initial phone call and then the rest of our correspondence was over email. During our call Julie asked me if I would consider another career path to discuss in my essay. This career path wasn't something I had thought about before but did make a lot more sense for me given my background. However, Julie didn't push me at all and I felt totally comfortable saying no. I went forward with writing my essay about this new carer path and after going through the process, I realized that it is actually what I want to do post-MBA!
I was a little concerned about doing so much of our correspondence over email (you have to pay more for phone) but this actually worked out fine overall. Julie is very detail-oriented and I felt that she was able to address all of my thoughts/questions well over email.
I sent her an initial rough draft of my career goals essay after the phone call, and I couldn't believe the extent of edits that they sent back! The pages of edits were much longer than the essay itself...but this shows how much work needed to be done. I guess if I had one complaint, I would've preferred to work in Google Docs instead of Microsoft Word so it would be easier to share comments back and forth.
Ultimately I got into 4 out of the 5 schools I applied to. I ended up on the wait list for my top choice school UCLA. I received significant scholarships to UW Seattle, USC, and a full ride to BU. I got into UT Austin with no $$. These results definitely exceeded my expectations.
Julie was not only helpful with writing the essays but I did ask her the occasional odd question throughout the process and she was very helpful.
If you can afford the investment, I'd highly recommend working with Admissionado! The money I got back in scholarships more than made up for the cost.

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