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After self-prep and using a book from Kaplan, took the GMAT in October 2015, scoring a 590. Decided to go with Magoosh for the second go-round and couldn’t be happier with the results.
PROS: Incredibly in-depth review, covering most every potential topic on the test; difficulty of practice questions and tests is higher than actual GMAT for everyone but the top 1%; focus on actually teaching you the math needed, not just shortcut theories; short (5-15 min) videos cover a topic in a short enough time that doesn’t leave you spacing off.
CONS: Voice of the question explanation (Quant side) will drive you somewhat crazy after a while; consistency of practice questions within the videos is hit and miss – would have liked more direct application as I’m learning the theories; practice question setup doesn’t allow you to practice specific subsets of topics, only general (i.e. Algebra when I wanted to focus on Factoring).
Overall, I highly recommend Magoosh. It focused my prep and drilled in on the areas I needed help with, while not wasting my time forcing me to do unnecessary modules. I took the test a second time in February 2016, and scored a 720. Thanks Magoosh!

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