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Each of their questions is power-packed


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My first brush with Magoosh came when I watched one of their 'GMAT Tuesdays' verbal videos on Youtube. Being a non-native speaker, I was instantly impressed with their simple deconstruction of complex looking grammar rules. By the time I finished all their videos in the next few days, I knew that Magoosh is my savior.
And when I saw unbelievable discounts on their course via GMAT Club, I bought it instantly.
Although no. of questions in Magoosh Premium Course may appear insufficient when compared to other courses, each question of Magoosh is a gem. For an above average student like me this is big boon as one doesn't have to run through an unnecessary large no. of questions to learn a limited no. of concepts. While each question is designed to teach you a specific concept, the video solution ensures that you remember it on your test day.
I consider myself good at quant yet I was glad to see some very good quant questions along with some super quick tricks to solve complex word problems. This helped me score 50 in quant.
I consider it a must for every non-native speaker. Coupled with Magoosh GMAT Blog, Magoosh Premium Course helped me score 42 in verbal, boosting my score to 770 overall.

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