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I love the Magoosh program!


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I love how Mike and his crew focus on truly understanding the basics of each topic. For example, he trains you well how to compute negative exponents by understanding the fundamentals of what exponents really are; in case you forget the quick mental tricks, you can fall back on deeper understanding and work your way up to the answer. This saved my bacon on a couple of questions on the exam, one involving the unit circle geometry, and one variously compounding interest.

Pedagogically, I love how Mike explains multiple solutions to the same problem, for example one algebraic, one geometric, one intuitive.

Also, for an older guy who grew up taking paper exams, I appreciated how the Magoosh interface mimics the actual GMAT interface.

Lastly, I love that when I asked a question on this forum about a concept I was struggling with, Mike himself responded.

My one recommendation for improvement would be having a singular list/video of "must-memorize" concepts/numbers (e.g. squares up to 15, unit circle proportions, etc.); Mike tells you in the individual videos that these are must-memorize concepts, but I would have liked to have one centralized resource for them.

Anyway thanks again Mike and co.!!

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