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Magoosh is brilliant not just for the content but also for the similarity with the actual GMAT platform. I found it really easy to use the app on my phone or iPad when I was on the go or when I was in meetings at work. Magoosh made practicing for the GMAT like an interactive game. I really liked Magoosh math practice questions because they were always followed by an explanatory video. I highly recommend Magoosh! The only issues I have had with it are the practice tests - I always scored in the 500s but in the actual test I scored well over 650. I also think that people shouldn't just use Magoosh to practice for the GMAT, but use it as a supplement to their main courses. I also remember that I got a discount for premium access, and highly encourage everyone to look out for that discount. They also have a free month trial which I highly recommend.

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