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Magoosh is a nice online course


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Course Magoosh Premium

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I decided to use Magoosh GMAT Premium since it is the most affordable course among other brands. I bought it with discount and paid only 60$. Magoosh provide application on smart phone which is really easy to use. I can study anytime when the wifi is available. I wish if Magoosh provide function to watch the videos offline, it will be much better.

For Quantitative section, Magoosh provides lots of great lesson videos which taught me many useful concepts and tips. The exercise in this section is adaptive and some of them are harder than the real ones.

For verbal section, Magoosh provide only fundamental concept videos. I think those videos are not really helpful except SC section. I am not a native speaker, so I think I need to build strong foundation in verbal. There are many exam in this section and I cannot complete all of them. Some are really difficult for me and they are not even similar to the real ones. In my opinion, Magoosh should update the lessons and exams since I don't think the video lessons help me to win the verbal.

Finally, since I work full time, I don't really have much time to study. I still cannot complete some of Magoosh exam. If I had more time, I think Magoosh would significantly help me. Thus, I recommend this courses if you need to improve Q scores. Magoosh really help me with Q section. I improve from Q 44 to Q 48. However, my V score become worse.

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