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When I started out, I was probably around 550, with a really weak quant and a fairly strong verbal. My first strategy was to go through all the video material and do a lot of exercises. Just simple hard work, no tactics or anything else than just putting in the hours. After about a month of part time studies (slightly more than 70 hours) I got 590 on a practice test.

This obviously was not enough for my target score of 650. I revisited the quant concepts I was struggling with and immersed myself in test taking strategies and was able to pull off a Q42 V42 with a score of 690 after about 20 hours more of effective studying. I improved my quants substantially and had it not been for Magoosh I would never have scored a 96th percentile verbal score as a non-native speaker.

I am sure that if I gave it another month or two with Magoosh on quant, I'd be able to push into the 720 range. But I'm happy with my current score and hope to be accepted to my Msc of choice.

The only thing I can't review is the IR, because I really didn't pay any attention studying to that. Kind of regret that now that I see how far a little preperation can go. Anyways, Magoosh helped me in a way that make me happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to get good and general help with everything related to GMAT.

Maybe if you're already around 700, want to add 30 points and don't know your exact weakness, it might be lacking the resources to really go deep into your specific weakness. But it will go a really long way. I couldn't be happier!

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