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I took the GMAT in May '16 having studied only using the OG and some materials from GMAT Club. I have always been a good test taker and thought that would be sufficient. While I scored well with a 680, top b-schools were in my crosshairs, so I knew I needed to be better. Despite being an engineer, I excelled in the verbal section and struggled with quant.

The Magoosh premium subscription was fantastic. In addition to the actual learning materials, their blogs and other information are top notch. I followed the three month study schedule, focusing on quant. With daily practice I began to see improvement. The video instruction was structured well and the pace was perfect. I ended up taking longer than three months to finish, and was actually quite frustrated by the end. I felt as though I had plateaued and problem sets seemed increasingly difficult.

When I sat down to take the GMAT the second time around it felt like a breeze! Both the quant and verbal sections on the actual test were much easier than those in Magoosh. By the end of the test I was very nervous that I had done poorly, thinking I must have been relegated to easier questions. Those fears vanished when I saw the 720 flash on the screen. My quant scored earned a five point gain, and even my verbal score went up. I couldn't have done it without Magoosh. I highly recommend it!

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