March 19, 2014

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Manhattan GMAT


I took the Manhattan GMAT class starting in the Fall of 2011. I definitely recommend this class.

In the class sessions, you’ll learn strategies for answering every type of problem on the GMAT. This kind of information is hard to learn via self-study, and I see some of my peers struggling with the GMAT because they didn’t take the class.

Manhattan provides everything you need to learn the concepts. It is up to you to make sure you master every problem type.

The secret to acing the GMAT is to MASTER every problem in the GMAC Official Guide. Manhattan has the OG Archer, which breaks down the Official Guide by question and sub-question type. Going over every single problem and then re-reviewing the ones that you missed was the secret to my success. Also, you have to take every practice test available – 6 Manhattan tests and 2 official GMAC tests. Review each test thoroughly, even the problems you answered correctly.

My practice test scores went as follows:

610 (Manhattan)
640 (Manhattan)
650 (Manhattan)
650 (Manhattan)
650 (Manhattan)
690 (Official GMAC)
720 (Manhattan)
700 (Official GMAC)

Official Score: 740

My practice scores shot up once I had mastered most of the OG material. Taking regular practices tests is also crucial so that you get a feel for your testing strategy. If I had been able to get to the OG quant and verbal supplements, I think I could have done even better.

Good luck to you all.

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