July 21, 2014

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Verbal was bomb but Quant didn't connect the dots well enough


Admittedly, I'm someone who hasn't practiced math in a really long time and for full disclosure, my studies focused much more on the books post-course. But, I thought the verbal books were amazing, straight-forward, were very comprehensive. My verbal score literally doubled after spending minimal time reviewing the verbal books, but, to be fair, I think verbal was always going to be my strength. The math, for me, felt like it offered a lot of "rules" but wasn't helpful in terms of implementing the rules in a way that was effective for the adaptive/logic-over-math skills nature of the test. The practice questions after each section weren't in any way geared toward the test, so if you dedicatedly do them, it's just not going to help that much. I just feel like MGMAT's approach to quant isn't holistic enough. It was much more about trying to strengthen your math foundation rather than strongly coupling that with a strong foundation for approaching this adaptive test, a test which I think few of us have encountered before. My suggestion: definitely buy the verbal books. Pass on the math. Course was fine but I probably would have done another (and have since).

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