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Great Prep Course with Manhattan Prep's Instructor Eric Caballero


I took the GMAT class with Eric Caballero as highly recommended by my friend, who scored 750+. The first class I had with Eric, I realized he is AWESOME! Not only he was able to explain questions clearly, he taught the strategy of solving questions given limited time. Plus, he is very nice and has good humor.

When I took my first mock test (un-timed) before the class, I scored 700+, however it took me more than twice of the time allowed to finish it. After taking the class with Eric and finishing homework assigned, I was able to solve most questions within suggested time. A month after I finished the class, I was able to score 750+ on my official test. Kudos to Manhattan Prep and Eric!

I would suggest Manhattan prep and Eric to anyone who wants to crack the GMAT and avoid lengthy preparation time.

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