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Great structured approach to the GMAT


I initially studied independently using Kaplan and empower Gmat, but after about 120 hours of studying and one GMAT test I scored a 680. I took some time off and decided to take Manhattan GMAT. Right of the bat I really liked their approach. The live classes, the learning while doing reinforced by rigorous studying. My professor was very accessible and really helpful with questions. After completing the course in 4.5 weeks and about 10 days of additionally studying I took the GMAT and crushed it. My timing was on point for all sections and I scored a 710. They also have given me a post exam assessment which gave me a plan for my time before the next exam I take. Reed was extremely helpful at times during the class and after. His methodology was really good and rarely did I just get an answer to my question. It usually was a question to my question which would allow my to understand the why of the issue. This was a huge plus. Another huge plus is the performance tracking system they offer not only for the CAT's but also for all the practice questions you do. If you time yourself for each question and record your response you can then visually see what topics or areas you need to work on and which ones are really strong.

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