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Amazing instructor Ceilidh and excellent course


After struggling with the GMAT for a year and not moving past the mid-600s, I decided to sign up for a Manhattan GMAT live class. Some people I know who previously took the class spoke very highly of the course. Ceilidh Erickson was the instructor and she was amazing.

She not only did a great job of teaching the basic skills and formulas but also taught us how to think and attack each question logically. During class, she addressed everyone’s needs and she was great at reading how people were absorbing the material. She showed different logical techniques which helped save time, eliminate answers, and guess and move on. These techniques are what she uses on the test such as spending the first few seconds with the pen down on quant and crossing off extreme answers on the RC section. These techniques are KEY when solving the tougher questions because the test is adaptive. When we did practice questions, she showed us multiple ways to solve a problem and this helped add to the arsenal of methods to use during the actual test so you don’t get stuck.

After the course, I wanted to work on a few specific areas and set some hours for tutoring with Ceilidh to make sure I would surpass the 700 level. I debated on spending the money but decided to go for it because in the end, it’s a small investment for the future. We spent about 3 hours going through my weaknesses to sure those up and she showed me some new techniques and ways to think about solving problems before I actually put pen to paper. After another month of studying, I was testing above the 700 level and booked the test.

I highly recommend taking either the class or tutoring with Ceilidh. I honestly don’t think I would have achieved the score I got without her. It’s and no regrets decision and well worth the money, time, and energy. Even after the class and tutoring, when I was studying on my own, she was always available to answer questions.

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