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Great Success with Manhattan Prep


I took a 9-session GMAT prep class with Manhattan Prep in the fall of 2016 and had great success. My instructor was David Mahler and he did a really good job at getting the class involved and fostering discussion around the questions. I took a practice test completely cold before attending the class or reviewing any materials and got a 600. After completing the class I studied independently for another month and then scored a 720. My target score was anything above a 700 so I was very happy with my result. Below is pro/con summary of the Manhattan Prep (MGMAT) class:

- Attending class keeps you motivated and focused on studying for the GMAT and provides a structured curriculum
- MGMAT study materials are very good
- The class forces you to take additional practice tests which is very valuable and you can the practice tests at their office in the test environment which is similar to the actual test
- My instructor, David Mahler, was very patient and good at explaining the material and get the class thinking on their own how to solve problems
- The course provides a good homework curriculum outside of class. There is significant homework (if you are serious about studying, around 15 hours a week) but in my book this is a good thing. The homework is typically studying lessons from MGMAT materials and then associated problem sets in the Official Guide.

- My only complaint is that I would have liked to focus on more advanced math concepts in class (the homework curriculum and study guides include advanced math concepts, however we did not go that deep in class)

Bottom Line: If you are serious about scoring well on the GMAT and putting in the work, there is no doubt that Manhattan Prep will boost your score. I would 100% recommend to anyone planning on taking the test.

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