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Excellent Course
September 12 | 2012
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I have had an excellent experience with Manhattan GMAT. I took the course in May 2012 and am very happy with my decision.

To begin with, the staff at Manhattan GMAT is excellent. Everyone whom I spoke to before and during the class was knowledgeable and very helpful.
The class itself was excellent. The instructors were great and the sessions were engaging. I had tried studying for GMAT on my own before, but I was not doing all that great. But the GMAT approach is unique and it really suited me.

The instructors focused on fundamentals and, whenever necessary, on shortcuts to save time. The approach with which they solved problems was the key differentiator for me.

Apart from the instructors being excellent, the syllabus was properly divided into 9 sessions. I felt that by the end of the class I was prepared for the real test. I was crossing 700 in my practice tests. Eventually, I landed up scoring 720.

The resources that MGMAT makes available to all students is worth a mention. The various question banks and labs, the OG Archer, Thursdays with Ron, Challenge Problems, Post course evaluation etc. make a strong impact on ones preparation. I really liked the post course/post exam evaluation.

All in all, great course. Highly recommend it.

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