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Definitely MGMAT
January 10 | 2013
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First of all, MGMAT is the course you want to take when studying for GMAT. I have taken GMAT before I took the course from MGMAT and I scored 620. After taking MGMAT and of course following their instructions, I increased my score to 720.

Both instructors I had were very helpful and were very willing to help. Any question we had, they always answered with clear and specific answers. They never left us with unclear responses. Additionally, they always showed us different routes we could take to solve the questions in quant section and gave us very helpful tips and encouraged us to solve the questions in different ways, which helped me very much.

The course structure itself was very clear and it was administered in the most entertaining way possible so that we were not bored or we lost focus.

Personally, when I needed help, I emailed either of the instructors and always had a very good response. They did not hesitate to go out of their way to help.

So for those of you out there looking for a good GMAT course, I highly suggest MGMAT because it definitely offers value for the price you are paying. It is worth every penny.

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