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I live in a city that doesn't offer many in-person Manhattan GMAT courses but was told by friends it is the best course to help prep for the test. So I signed up, a little warily, for the online course.

It was fantastic! It was super convenient to just log in from my home computer once a week, and I had an especially engaging instructor. He made it fun and the course content kept you paying attention and on your toes - constant problem-solving, with easy tools for class participation in the online platform.

The syllabus was really user-friendly and outlined clearly what I should prepare for each week's course, and what I should study on my own if I needed more practice or harder questions in any area. The OG Archer tool was incredibly helpful - it was an analysis I could review at any point showing how I was doing on different question types and difficulty levels. It helped me understand where I was fine and where I should focus my studying efforts (I work full time so I had to use my studying time as efficiently as possible).

Though the GMAT math is supposed to be stuff you've learned in high school, I hadn't really done that kind of math for a while, and I'd also never learned some things like factorials. My instructor was great at walking us through concepts and the Manhattan workbooks and other resources also gave me great practice. I especially liked the easy online format for question practice, where I could set a timer for individual questions or a whole question set to practice budgeting my time per question (this was an issue for me at first - spending way too much time on some questions).

The Manhattan course consistently offers tips and reinforces the most important, like accepting that you won't answer every question correctly, not wasting energy studying for the essay and IR portions of the test, since schools don't look as critically at those as long as you are at a certain level, etc.

Manhattan also has partnerships with other organizations like MBAMission and you can look at free stuff like b-school guides for your top choices, to help you prepare for your actual applications. I also viewed a recorded webinar with essay writing tips that ended up being really helpful when I got down to the actual applications. Great set of resources all around.

I wasn't always set on business school, so I had to do a lot of research in a short period of time to get a handle on the process. Manhattan GMAT resources were a huge help.

Highly recommend the program!

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