April 17, 2014

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Course Manhattan Prep GMAT Manhattan Prep Live Online

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Note: I did not provide a verbal score because the workshop was for quant only. My raw score improved 3 points in Quant--leaving me with a 740 overall. My quant percentile was not great, but was always going to be the weaker element for me.

I took this course about a week before taking the GMAT for the second time. Manhattan recommends allowing more lead time--and I think I could have benefited even more with more time--but it was still worth it. The class was great. It gave me a great framework for difficult problems that test number theory. We also worked on shortcuts to simplify long equations. We moved through content quickly but with adequate explanation to make sure all participants understood. The software was easy to use. I had studied on my own and wished I had taken this class sooner - definitely worth the money.

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