I am starting at Booth this fall thanks to Denise and the SBC team! I knew I was a solid candidate: two years bulge bracket I bank following by 1 year global PE firm. I just didn’t want to take the chance on applying on my own. I had too much on the line, as there were a couple colleagues who were dinged across the board last season. I was worried that B schools are more critical of finance candidates.

Denise was brilliantly dedicated. Late night phone calls. She had extraordinary creativity with her ability to discover the unusual from my background (which I thought was fairly high performing but vanilla). The amount of knowledge of how the process from the inside was astounding. I could have never known on my own.

I also had Caryn review my application and give me feedback from the Flight Test. Caryn was formerly in a top program Admissions office so, again, I felt very fortunate. I was accepted to 3 of my 4 programs because Denise and the SBC team kept me focused on what was most important every step of the way. She, Caryn and Maggie were fully engaged with me. I remember essay draft #14 and Denise was still giving me 1:00 am responses that were on target.

SBC has the rare combo of knowledge from AdCom on their team AND genuine commitment to their clients. It was the BEST investment.

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Created by neverstop

May 30, 2014

"I am an executive leader with 13 years of executive management experience who applied to several EMBA programs only to be denied two years in a row. I was very discouraged and frustrated when a friend recommended I contact Stacy Blackman Consulting. I contacted SBC and found everyone in the firm kind and helpful. During the first phone call with my consultant, Sherry Holland, I was sure that she is the one who going to make it happen. Her support, expertise and guidance were impeccable. She was a confident and a secure base for me as well as a knowledgeable consultant who put all her time to ensure my success. This year with Sherry's help and rigorous preparation for my interview, I sailed through it with confidence and was admitted to my dream school without
even having to take the GMAT!

Without Sherry's help, I know I would not have been admitted. I recommend SBC and Sherry Holland if you want a true professional who will support you and always be honest with you. She always said: " I am going to tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear in order to make you a stronger candidate.It is proven to me that no other consulting firm understands the admission process like SBC dose."
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