May 02, 2014

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At first, I was hesitant to spend so much money on a consulting service. I had done my research, narrowing down to MBA Mission and Stacy Blackman.

I felt like MBA Mission pointed out issues with my application I was already aware of (e.g., lower quant score, social science background, etc.) but didn't bring solutions.

Then, I met Esther from Stacy Blackman. She quickly matched me with a couple of consultants to make sure I had a good fit (e.g., target schools, interests, working style). And upon talking to the consultants, I recognized how **solution-oriented** they were which is why they exceeded my expectations and why I want everyone to know about them now!

I ultimately was paired up with Shannah Varon who had the exact type of working style, demeanor, and attitude that I was looking for in this application process. We spent hours chatting about my background, values, aspirations which all ultimately provided potential topics to essay questions. She was part-consultant, part-coach, part-editor, and part-therapist throughout the whole process. Shannah truly listened to me and made the (at times) painful essays be more of a meaningful process, reflecting on what means the most to me.

The thought and preparation that Shannah and the Stacy Blackman team put into the process is so valuable. And, thanks to them, I got in to 3 out of the 4 schools I applied to and will be attending Wharton in the Fall.

I HIGHLY recommend Shannah and Stacy Blackman. You won't regret it.

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