May 22, 2014

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After being skeptical of using a consulting service to begin with, I decided to try three or four free of the free half hour consultations just to feel it out. After speaking with Esther Magna at Stacy Blackman, I was sold. I was highly impressed by her ability to read beyond the lines of my resume and give me practical, personal advice in our 30 minute call which no other company was able to do in such a short time. After the call I was confident that I would be working with other knowledgeable professionals, and that was exactly the case.

I was paired with Sarah and I am extremely thankful to her! We had numerous hour+ phone calls and over 6 drafts of each essay that I did to ensure we were as thorough as possible. I never felt rushed off the phone and always received an e-mail response within a day, even if I had a crazy question. Sarah was diligent about following up to be sure I met deadlines which was something I needed in order to manage my time with work appropriately.

Additionally, the practice for the interview was invaluable. I was skeptical of doing a "mock" interview but it completely calmed my nerves and helped me go into the real interview with confidence. It was a great experience. I am highly satisfied with the comprehensive service and Sarah's work with me. Thanks to SBC I will be heading to Wharton in the Fall and couldn't be happier!

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