June 17, 2014

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Initially, I was a bit hesitant to pick an admissions consultant, but I picked SBC after reading many of their positive reviews online.
My consultant was Seher Khanna, initially I was a bit hesitant since she was the first consultant assigned to me and I felt it’d be difficult to determine how comfortable I’d be working with her from the first few calls, and the fact that I couldn’t find any reviews about her. However, looking back I think I made the best decision.
I had a high GPA, however a <700 GMAT. Despite that Seher believed in me and my choice of schools. Seher helped me dig deep into my experiences to come up with the stories that showcase the skills and traits schools look for.
I was aiming high, top 5 schools. I was happy that I got two interviews and more happy when I got admitted to HBS. After this experience, I really believe that a good consultant is necessary to distinguish yourself out of the pool of the highly qualified applicants. Consultants will not create the experience you lack, however they’ll help you market and sell what you already have.

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