December 18, 2014

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I worked with Ryan Barba at Stacy Blackman and had a fantastic experience. I worked with him on my Sloan application and ended up with an offer from Sloan! Ryan had a great sense of what the school was looking for in the essays, recommendation letters, and resume. He helped me always think about my materials in terms of how they highlighted the aspects that are important to Sloan, which I think made my application particularly good compared to others that were not perfectly tailored for the school.

I was working on a tight timeline, and Ryan was able to give me feedback really quickly so that we could move ahead at my pace, which was faster than the typical pace. He was easy to work with and was able to jump on the phone at a moment’s notice. For the interview prep, he gave me really candid comments on our mock interview, and the questions he asked prepared me well for the actual interview.

I highly recommend working with Ryan and the rest of the Stacy Blackman team.

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