December 21, 2014

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Accepted to Tuck - thanks to Meredith!


When I made the decision to apply to top MBA schools, I knew I wanted to maximize my potential and outcome; and after searching for the right consultation service, I chose Stacy Blackman after reading such positive reviews. I am truly glad that the reviews were spot on as I feel fortunate to have worked with SBC and Meredith Shields - especially as I look forward to heading to Tuck.

The SBC process is highly organized and helped mitigate my overall stress with respect to the application process. The 30 minute assessment with Esther Magna was painless as well; it really helped me understand SBC and I believe it was for Esther to match me up with a consultant who would be best for me, which I am grateful for because I had the pleasure of working with Meredith.

Although I was concerned about the overall strength of my application, Meredith immediately put me at ease. She helped me articulate my strengths and helped me understand that what I viewed as weaknesses should not necessarily be viewed as such. She challenged me to really understand what each school was asking for and helped me approach each essay critically. She is also very responsive and highly organized - she would follow-up with me on my timing and communicated with me regularly.

I highly recommend SBC and especially Meredith - she gave me the confidence in the strength of my profile and ensured that I approached each component of my application and to each school in a competitive manner; and I couldn't be happier with the results!

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