January 07, 2015

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As I began the process of applying to b-school, I was initially very unsure about whether or not to work with an admissions consultant, not knowing if it were necessary or worth the cost. After discussions with many firms, ultimately I chose to work with Caryn Altman from Stacy Blackman Consulting and she was absolutely fantastic, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the decision, far exceeded my expectations and well worth the cost.

The admissions process so quickly becomes overwhelming and Caryn was critical throughout every step. I used the comprehensive package and she began working with me very early on to assess strengths and weaknesses, outline a plan for my application, ensure clear and concise messaging and make everything stand out in my story. It was far more than just essay assistance, her help was vital in all aspects of my applications. Caryn was always insightful in her guidance, very accessible and responsive to any requests, kept me focused and ahead of deadlines, and improved my applications way more than I ever thought possible.

Beyond Caryn, the other team members and support resources at Stacy Blackman were very helpful, from school guides to mock interview prep and the application test flight.

Overall a really great experience that improved my applications significantly. I would highly recommend the firm and Caryn to anyone applying to b-school. Was admitted to 3 of 4 schools (Wharton, Booth and Kellogg) and couldn’t have been so successful without the help of Caryn and the team at Stacy Blackman.

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