January 10, 2015

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I am going to business school! After this roller coaster ride, I could certainly not be ANY MORE HAPPY. A year ago, I applied to four business schools and got rejected across the board despite having interviews. This year, I was certainly hesitant of how the process would turn out after applying to four business schools but thus far, I received two acceptances! Jill, my consultant at SBC, was my genie! She was not only my guidance throughout the process, but also my supporter during the times when I completely lost hope of having a positive outcome. Jill was extremely patient and that is one of the most important traits in a consultant because it meant we could work together to ensure that all my concerns were always addressed. I am a little embarrassed having been a bit demanding at times, but I constantly felt I wanted my application to be as perfect as possible, and Jill was always my partner in crime. I was very worried about the GMAT (A bit low on the quant side) but Jill always reminded it that it was just a component of my application and we came up with ways to strengthen my quant profile through other aspects of the applications. For each essay, I don’t even remember how many drafts we went through. It was all about crafting the perfect stories with my most comprehensive view of me as an individual. But also, given my non-arts background, I was always worried my writing had to keep being polished! I even remember asking very minute differences in what wording sounded better to Jill and she would always weigh in. At the end, I always felt I had submitted the best application for each school. I also remember making small edits the night before my first application was due and Jill was there for me until I hit the submit button. For interviews, I can’t even imagine how stressed I was. I felt last year I went through the interview stage and then lost my chance so this year, I didn’t want the same outcome. Jill did a full run through with me and Stacy’s interview materials were great preparation, especially the video essays which were new this year. Other materials like the example essays were good guidance as you start thinking of crafting your own personal stories.

Before I committed to SBC, I though very hard about using a consultant and I am now very glad I did. I felt SO supported during this very hard process. I not only got support from Jill, my most amazing consultant but also from Maggie and Esther. For my dream school, Maggie helped me review for one of my essays that was giving me trouble and this reassured me that I had done my best in my application essays. Often times, friends and family have be best intention of helping but it is very hard to coordinate schedules. Trust me, there is no need for extra stress! However, Jill never failed me! She was there around the clock for essay brainstorming, editing and interviews. And more dear to me, she was there to wish me good luck on my interviews and eagerly waiting decisions with me. I am happy to say that I got admitted into two top-20 MBA programs, including my dream school. YES, my dream school! :) I didn’t think it was possible but certainly I am SO HAPPY and THANKFUL to Jill who ensured this was a successful process for me.

I highly highly recommend SBC. It was a journey until "submit button", even with tiny changes last minute. Jill always had my best interest at heart :) Jill knew and believed in my strenghts as an applicant, far more than I did for myself. I have no doubt that she really helped me increase my changes of being accepted and beating the odds. SBC is really the best service out there, and Jill is can not be matched as an admissions consultant :)

Jill and SBC really made it MY application process. I found the best way to work with Jill both in terms of e-mail and jumping on the phone when I needed it the most. I also re-did many video essays to ensure I sounded sharp (I hate looking at cameras!) and I even used the optional review for my essays for the one essay that was giving me trouble. Thinking about monetary costs is always though when you are thinking of the MBA investment but having explored other consultants, I am convinced SBC is the best service. They really partner with you to make it the best experience for you (it is hard to apply to business school) and the only thing every applicant wants is to see that congratulations letter! And I am so thrilled (I am still on cloud 9) that my dream of going to business school has now FINALLY come true, and to my top choice too! Thank you sooooooooooo ssssoooo much to Jill and SBC for helping me along the way. This is without doubt one of the happiest moments of my life!

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