January 16, 2015

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I wanted to share a few thoughts about Margaret with you: most notably, she has a seemingly innate ability to help craft truly impactful stories for the business school application process. Just having that talent, however, isn't always enough. Margaret contributes two other vital pieces to that puzzle - first, she is tremendously engaged in the work that is being done. The entire time, I truly thought Margaret was my biggest much so that when I was accepted to Kellogg I fully expected her to come with me! This enthusiasm was strongly noted by her late night emails to me - she would work tirelessly into the night to help me perfect these essays!!

Secondly, her attention to detail and organization is supreme. Its one thing just to throw around ideas about what to put in a business school essay, but its entirely different to carefully structure those thoughts through draft after draft after draft.

Margaret does this effortlessly and always with a smile on her face (even though its the 37th time looking at one single sentence).

The additional reviews by Lisa and others on the SBC team were invaluable. Thank you!

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